A public forum for requesting features relating to GRDC's ICT Systems. Please ensure you describe the functionality you want added, and the implication if it is not delivered. The better you describe the request (please include screenshots, etc. where possible), the better able we will be to understand and action your request.

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Adding the ability to save as draft on each page of an application
It would be great to be able to save as draft on each page of a application rather than save & next. This would allow the applicant to save what ever information has been added without having to ha...
Linda McDougall
0 comments 3 votes None
A Word template should be provided with procurements
In order to facilitate offline filling - a word document should be provided with all appropriate headings and word counts, such that the procurement work can begin without having to logon to the po...
Bob Watson
12 comments 11 votes None
Searchable IMS records for bilateral agreements
Currently projects that fall under bilateral agreements such as the NSWDPI and DJPR Bilaterals have no visibility or searchability within the GRDC Information Management System (IMS). As GRDC Manag...
Kaara Klepper
6 comments 14 votes None
Financial Reporting at a Category, not a line, level
Financial reports will be very cumbersome if reporting is required at a line item level; instead, reporting at a higher level (as per the old Form B) is more appropriate and easier to manage.
Bob Watson
4 comments 5 votes Not planned
To view and compare the history of variation requests with the original agreement throughout the life of the project in the portal as this would provide me with the necessary transparency to administer the contract
To view and compare the history of variation requests
Paul Alexander
2 comments 8 votes Not planned
Please provide examples of completed Reports
Examples of completed reports (milestone and financial) should be provided in order to demonstrate what an 'acceptable' report looks like, as well as providing clearer guidance to allow people repo...
Bob Watson
5 comments 1 vote Not planned
Automated reminder to Project Supervisors of upcoming milestones due
Request from a project leader that it would be good to have automated email reminders sent in advance to warn them that there are upcoming milestones due for submission through the portal.  Many ar...
Stephanie Meikle
3 comments 7 votes None
Access to budget and IP register templates from the portal to facilitate easy and accurate development of necessary contract artefacts
Access to IP register and budget templates
Paul Alexander
2 comments 0 votes Completed
Account lockout process is too aggressive
The process that locks portal accounts is too aggressive - locking the account for a significant time after a small number of attempts. The system should increase the number of allowed failed logon...
Bob Watson
7 comments 10 votes Completed
Change the language concerning a deed of variation to remove the word deed
Change the language concerning a deed of variation to remove the word deed as this creates extra work for processing.
Paul Alexander
7 comments -8 votes Not planned
ABN Lookup should be smart about spaces and special characters
Currently, the ABN lookup on the Grains Investment Portal does not work properly when entering an ABN formatted using the common convention of '11 111 111 111' (i.e with spaces). The lookup should ...
Bob Watson
2 comments 11 votes Completed
Print Style Sheet for web to enable growers to print publications
A print stylesheet that enabled growers to print publications from grdc.com.au onto paper with a controlled style. Benefits: Removes unnecessary page elements such as menus buttons etc from printe...
Julian Fox
1 comment 12 votes None
Organisations should have 'Administrators' who get alerts, are able to remove people from organisations, etc.
Organisations should have 'Administrators' who get alerts, are able to remove people from organisations, etc. - this is to facilitate self-management of people leaving organisations, to assist with...
Bob Watson
3 comments 13 votes None
Add a subcontracting cost category
We have received a request to update the categories available for Cost Items in budgets: "I think a subcontracting category would be best as you can’t put a figure into the subcontracting section o...
Bob Watson
2 comments -8 votes Not planned
Search facet 'Author'
As a public user, i would like to be able to search for content written by a specific author. I would like to be able to search specifically by Author. Feature request from: anonymous
Julian Fox
3 comments 7 votes None
Adding milestones that repeat throughout the project
To easier add milestones that repeat throughout the project, for both internal and external people, can a function be added to say this repeats for 2017, 2018 and 2019, on the same day, and have th...
Melinda Wythes
2 comments 9 votes Not planned
The system to prompt the character limit of each free text field so that I do not over populate the field prior to submission
The System to display the character limit
Paul Alexander
1 comment 13 votes Completed
Better design for 'Save' buttons
When saving the application as a draft, is it possible to have that button at the top and bottom of the first page of entries, as well as the default tick box to save as draft on the second page. W...
Bob Watson
0 comments 7 votes Planned
The system should allow Organisations to provide key documents
There should be a mechanism to allow organisations to link key documents to an organisation – organisational profile, insurance documentation, how you calculate salary and overheads, organisational...
Bob Watson
2 comments 9 votes None
The system should alert when pasting into a field has truncated text
When copying and pasting into fields on the application form, the system should make it obvious when text has been truncated because of character limits. This is to avoid applicants unexpectly subm...
Bob Watson
2 comments 6 votes Not planned
Remove or expand character limits
The text boxes appear to have a maximum word/character limit for responses. This is not ideal as we are trying to respond in full to the criteria. Can the length of these open text boxes be increas...
Bob Watson
3 comments 3 votes Not planned
Provide a drop-down list of people in my organisation
When adding Contract Personnel, provide a drop-down list of my organsational contacts so that it reduces the likelihood of double (or incorrect) entry, and speeds up filling in the form.
Bob Watson
5 comments 9 votes Planned
Adding Team Members is inconsistent and unintuitive
When adding new contract personnel, you have to go back into the entry to add a role. Also, once you go back into the entry to add a role, the information populated is incorrect such as the date of...
Bob Watson
2 comments 8 votes Planned
Pre-fill Organisation and ABN for Contract Personnel
When adding Contract Personnel, the Organisation and ABN field should be pre-filled with the details of the currently active service provider provided earlier in the application process.
Bob Watson
2 comments 9 votes Completed
GRDC to hide the application ID as I do not need to see it and it is a source of confusion.
Hide the application ID
Paul Alexander
5 comments -5 votes Completed
The 'impact publications' section of the application
I would like this section to be clearer in whether these are impact publications for each lead investigator or for the project as a whole, as this will make the application easier to submit with th...
Paul Alexander
1 comment -7 votes Planned
More clarification on the variation report due date as it is confusing and there is no guidance on its meaning or context.
Clarification of the variation report due date.
Paul Alexander
2 comments -2 votes Not planned
To be informed of the privileges that a team member, applicant and lead investigator each has
To be informed of the privileges that a team member, applicant and lead investigator each has, and be informed of their role in relation to the procurement process to better enable me to administer...
Paul Alexander
5 comments 8 votes Planned
Contract Personnel Roles should be expressed in terms of access
'Applicant', 'Lead Investigator' and 'Team Member' do not make it clear that they are referring to Read/Write access roles - leading to misfilled applications (to serve the system and create users ...
Bob Watson
2 comments 10 votes Planned
Contract Personnel and Organisations without ABNs
The system should support Contract Personnel and Organisations without ABNs to allow engagement of very small providers and international providers.
Bob Watson
1 comment 10 votes Completed