A public forum for requesting features relating to GRDC's ICT Systems. Please ensure you describe the functionality you want added, and the implication if it is not delivered. The better you describe the request (please include screenshots, etc. where possible), the better able we will be to understand and action your request.

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Better design for 'Save' buttons
When saving the application as a draft, is it possible to have that button at the top and bottom of the first page of entries, as well as the default tick box to save as draft on the second page. W...
Bob Watson
0 comments 7 votes Planned
Provide a drop-down list of people in my organisation
When adding Contract Personnel, provide a drop-down list of my organsational contacts so that it reduces the likelihood of double (or incorrect) entry, and speeds up filling in the form.
Bob Watson
5 comments 9 votes Planned
Adding Team Members is inconsistent and unintuitive
When adding new contract personnel, you have to go back into the entry to add a role. Also, once you go back into the entry to add a role, the information populated is incorrect such as the date of...
Bob Watson
2 comments 8 votes Planned
The 'impact publications' section of the application
I would like this section to be clearer in whether these are impact publications for each lead investigator or for the project as a whole, as this will make the application easier to submit with th...
Paul Alexander
1 comment -7 votes Planned
To be informed of the privileges that a team member, applicant and lead investigator each has
To be informed of the privileges that a team member, applicant and lead investigator each has, and be informed of their role in relation to the procurement process to better enable me to administer...
Paul Alexander
5 comments 8 votes Planned
Contract Personnel Roles should be expressed in terms of access
'Applicant', 'Lead Investigator' and 'Team Member' do not make it clear that they are referring to Read/Write access roles - leading to misfilled applications (to serve the system and create users ...
Bob Watson
2 comments 10 votes Planned
To have access to a glossary of terms/lexicon that is a single source of truth for field terminology, roles, privileges, etc. to better enable me to use the system efficiently and minimise avoidable problems
A glossary of Terms
Paul Alexander
3 comments 7 votes Planned