A public forum for requesting features relating to GRDC's ICT Systems. Please ensure you describe the functionality you want added, and the implication if it is not delivered. The better you describe the request (please include screenshots, etc. where possible), the better able we will be to understand and action your request.

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Character limits
Character limits for each field should be available before populating the online tenders and reports. Otherwise supply Word documents with the limits to enable streamlined filling of fields.
Andrew Storrie
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Active Agreement Phase - Can we make Milestones easier to access and read
Currently when an Agreement is in active management, the Milestone 'tab' (for want of a better word) is arguably the most utilised tab but quite difficult to access.  There's lots of scrolling and ...
Marie Ann Perry
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Ability to approve milestone reports once in IMS rather than needing to approve twice
Currently to approve a milestone in IMS I have to approve once, save, wait for it to refresh, and then Approve a second time and save again before the milestone is Approved and ready for payment.  ...
Curtis Liebeck
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Can the Grains Investment Portal have a search bar to make it easier to find the correct contract
Submitted on behalf of DPIRD:   Is it possible for the Grains Investment Portal to have a search bar function to search by contract code and be able to quickly navigate to the correct contract rath...
Stephanie Meikle
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Printing templates of tender applications
Providers applying for a tender want to be able to have a template of the application to work with before they upload the application to the portal. At present the only way to do it is to apply, fi...
Trevor Garnett
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Adding the ability to save as draft on each page of an application
It would be great to be able to save as draft on each page of a application rather than save & next. This would allow the applicant to save what ever information has been added without having to ha...
Linda McDougall
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A Word template should be provided with procurements
In order to facilitate offline filling - a word document should be provided with all appropriate headings and word counts, such that the procurement work can begin without having to logon to the po...
Bob Watson
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Searchable IMS records for bilateral agreements
Currently projects that fall under bilateral agreements such as the NSWDPI and DJPR Bilaterals have no visibility or searchability within the GRDC Information Management System (IMS). As GRDC Manag...
Kaara Klepper
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Automated reminder to Project Supervisors of upcoming milestones due
Request from a project leader that it would be good to have automated email reminders sent in advance to warn them that there are upcoming milestones due for submission through the portal.  Many ar...
Stephanie Meikle
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Print Style Sheet for web to enable growers to print publications
A print stylesheet that enabled growers to print publications from grdc.com.au onto paper with a controlled style. Benefits: Removes unnecessary page elements such as menus buttons etc from printe...
Julian Fox
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Organisations should have 'Administrators' who get alerts, are able to remove people from organisations, etc.
Organisations should have 'Administrators' who get alerts, are able to remove people from organisations, etc. - this is to facilitate self-management of people leaving organisations, to assist with...
Bob Watson
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Search facet 'Author'
As a public user, i would like to be able to search for content written by a specific author. I would like to be able to search specifically by Author. Feature request from: anonymous
Julian Fox
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The system should allow Organisations to provide key documents
There should be a mechanism to allow organisations to link key documents to an organisation – organisational profile, insurance documentation, how you calculate salary and overheads, organisational...
Bob Watson
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