Active Agreement Phase - Can we make Milestones easier to access and read

Currently when an Agreement is in active management, the Milestone 'tab' (for want of a better word) is arguably the most utilised tab but quite difficult to access.  There's lots of scrolling and column adjustment to do and this scrolling and adjusting is lost each time there is a save or a change on the page

The 12 minimum-width columns are the same size and this is not intuitive to me.  The Description field is one that I must constantly widen.  I generally utilise the Internal Comments field to monitor my progress and any corro with an external and Finance uses this field for Accruals etc, so this one is becoming increasingly important too.

If others agree, and it's not too much trouble, can we please, 

1.  bring the Milestones 'tab' a little closer to the top of the page once the Agreement reaches the active phase

2. increase the width of the Description field and the Internal Comments field

I'm always keenly aware that when I raise this issues, it could be a user problem, or there could be much more to the story, so happy to discuss :-)

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