Searchable IMS records for bilateral agreements

Currently projects that fall under bilateral agreements such as the NSWDPI and DJPR Bilaterals have no visibility or searchability within the GRDC Information Management System (IMS). As GRDC Managers are unable to easily identify and interrogate projects there is a potential for work to be replicated, in addition this work is not easily assessed and therefore can’t easily inform new and existing projects. As these projects lack a searchable GRDC contract code any comms and extension material does not identify the project. GRDC will also be unable to display these projects under the Enabling Transparent Investment work on our external website as there no Project Summary for Public Release fields. These projects are also not captured in GRDC reporting as there are no completed Reporting Dimensions. There is no requirement for each of these projects to carry a budget as this is covered by the Head Agreement’s IMS record.

Potential solution is a “shell” record capturing everything except budget.

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