Guide: Resubmitting a milestone report through the Grains Investment Portal

  1. Navigate to the Grains Investment Portal.

    Register for the portal or Login using your Grains Investment Portal credentials.
  2. Click the heading My Dashboard and select My Milestone Reports.

    This will open a page that will list previously submitted, approved or rejected milestone reports.mceclip0.png
  3. As this view shows all previously created reports, the easiest method to find the milestone report that has been placed in Resubmission Requested is to filter the list by Status Reason.mceclip1.png

  4. Once the milestone report has been located, click the Contract Title, this is green hyperlinked text. This will enable edits to be made to the report and any additional documentation to be attached.

    Note: Only milestone reports in Re-submission Requested can be edited.mceclip2.png

  5. The editable view is exactly the same layout as when submitting a new milestone report. The top half of the first page is the detail of the milestone and feedback provided from the GRDC Manager.

    The bottom half of the first page are the editable fields that contain all previously submitted text, these fields are not mandatory.

    Click Save and Next to move to the next page.mceclip3.png

  6. The second and final page allows additional attachments to be uploaded against the milestone report, as well as showing all previously attached documents (including attachments for other milestone reports).mceclip4.png

  7. The final step before resubmitting the milestone report is to answer the following two questions and confirm that you acknowledge and consent to GRDC’s privacy policy.mceclip5.png

  8. Once completed, you can either save the report as a draft or submit the milestone report. The Submit Report button will be active once all mandatory fields are complete. 

    By clicking Submit Report you complete the milestone report re-submission process.mceclip6.png

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