Guide: Negotiating an investment through the Portal


Navigate to the Grains Investment Portal.

Register for the portal or Login using your Grains Investment Portal credentials.


Click on the heading “My Dashboard” and select “My Applications”. From here, all your current applications will be visible.

As part of the application negotiation phase the GRDC contract manager will have assessed your application. In this instance, they have concluded that more specification will be needed before your application can be accepted into a contract. This is indicated as “specification requested” in the status reason column against your application.



The GRDC contract manager will contact you to discuss any changes to specifications necessary.

Select the application that requires further specification. A new window will now open revealing the applications details, from there the process is the same as the original application process.

There will be additional fields to complete in the specification:

  • Project Summary for Public Release
  • Milestones
  • Trial Work
  • Pesticide and Herbicide Research
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