Guide: Submitting a Milestone Report through the Portal


Navigate to the Grains Investment Portal

Choose your browser and type the following URL:

Register for the portal or Login using your Grains Investment Portal credentials.


Select ‘Submit Reports’

From your homepage select submit reports from the dashboard. This will open active contracts that have active milestone reports.


There are five types of reports that you are able to submit:

  1. Milestone Report
  2. Financial Report
  3. Final Technical Report
  4. Annual Report
  5. Final Report

The process for each is essentially the same, with milestone and financial reports being two key reports. You will fill out and submit each report which will be published on IMS for review by the contract manager who will elect to ask for re-submission if more detail is required, approve or reject the report.

To start the process, select the Milestone Report you wish to submit.


Create a new Milestone Report

Fill in all mandatory fields and click next.


Fill out the Milestone Report

Fill in the milestone report fields which include:

  • Summary of progress to date
  • Achievements prior to this report
  • Achievements for this report
  • Achievements for the next twelve months
  • Additional information
  • Other information
  • Referred scientific publications

There are two questions to answer

  • Has IP Commercialisation changed?
  • Have the contract risks changed?

Once you have completed these fields hit ‘Save and Next’



Submitting the Report

The final step in submitting the report is to answer “is there material suitable for publication in this report?” and “you have authority to submit this report and that all information contained is true and correct”.


From here you can either elect to save the report as a draft by clicking the checkbox or submit the report as final.

By clicking submit you complete the milestone report process.

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