Guide: Submitting an Application through the Portal


Navigate to the Grains Investment Portal

Choose your browser and type the following URL:

Register for the portal or Login using your Grains Investment Portal credentials.


Portal Landing Page

Once you have logged in you will be met with this screen.

To submit an application for an open procurement click on ‘Apply’.


Apply For Funding

After clicking on the ‘Apply’ button you will be redirected to this window (see below). This page shows all Open procurements available, to change the view to Selected Panel procurements simply click on the window highlighted below and make the selection. To apply for a procurement click on the title.

Clicking on the title will take you to a page describing the nature of the procurement; confirm that you are looking at the right procurement and click 'Apply'.


Contract Details

This section of the application process requires considerable input from the user as it details the major components of the contract application including:

  • Contract Details
  • Contract requirements and selection criteria
  • Contract personnel
  • Subcontractors
  • Intellectual property and commercialisation
  • Contract budget
  • Risk management
  • Track record


All mandatory fields must be answered before progressing.

The first stage is to input general contract details and click save and next.

The next stage requires you to respond to the outputs and selection criteria defined by the procurement owner. To do this, click on the drop down arrows and select ‘edit’ a popup window will appear for you to input detail.

Following this complete the fields ‘contract summary’, keywords’, ‘contract rationale and background’, capability statement, methodology, dissemination process.


To complete this section fill in the remaining contract details. Some will require you to click on the ‘create’ button, and input detail in the newly opened window, others will require you to fill in text fields or check boxes.

 Once all sections of this application window are complete, click ‘save and next’.


Contract Budget

To create a contract budget, click the create button. A new window will open. Complete all response fields and save.


Risk Management

This section will of the application will allow you to record any identified risks that carry the potential to impact the contract. Click create and a new window will open, fill in all the available fields to complete the risk component of the application.


Track Record

The final element of the application is for you to supply your last five major publications as a record referencing your history on previous engagements.


Compliance and Privacy

The final step in submitting an application is to respond to the compliance and privacy agreements. Respond yes/no to compliance with stated contract requirements, and check the privacy box. At this stage you can elect to submit your application or save it as a draft to review, to submit deselect the ‘save application as draft’ option.

It is at this stage that you will need to upload any documents in support of your application (i.e. covering additional criteria not included in the application form) - please see the original approach to market material to determine if this is required.

Once you have submitted your application the process is complete and the application will become visible to the GRDC contract manager at the closing of the procurement application period.


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