Guide: Submitting an Application through the Portal


Navigate to the Grains Investment Portal

Choose your browser and type the following URL:

Register for the portal or Login using your Grains Investment Portal credentials.


Click the heading “Apply”.



This will open the procurements page with all active open procurements currently available to apply against.




If you have been invited to apply for a limited tender, click the “Open Procurements” button and change to “Selected Panel Procurement”. This view will show the limited that your organisations have been invited to apply against.



Clicking on the procurement title will take you to an overview of the procurement. Confirm that you are looking at the right procurement and click “Apply” at the bottom of the page.


The first page of the application will require you to complete:

  • “Title”
  • “Proposed Commencement Date”
  • “Proposed Completion Date”
  • Service Provider details (should be auto populated)

Note: Any field with a red asterisk is a mandatory field that will need to be completed before moving on in the application.

Once all fields are completed, at the bottom of the page click “Save and Next”.


Handy Tip: Ensure that your Grains Investment Portal profile is linked to your organisation. The fields under Service Provider Details will automatically populate when you select your organisation by using the search tool under Service Provider.


The second page of the application will be where majority of your submission will be entered.

The mandatory fields include:

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Methodology
  • Delivery Pathway
  • Capability Statement
  • Specified Personnel
  • Price (Proposed Budget)
  • Risk
  • Intellectual Property and Commercialisation

Non-mandatory fields include:

  • Track Record
  • Subcontractors
  • Claims or Judgements
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Insurance
  • Contract Compliance Statement
  • Confidential Information


Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria

Each criteria item requires a response. To respond, click the down arrow in each row and select Edit.

A separate pop-up window will appear, you will be required to provide a written response. Clicking submit on the pop-up window will take you back to the application and your response will now show in the Applicant Response column.

Each Eligibility Criteria will require you to state if you are compliant or not in the pop-up window.




Free text fields such as Methodology, Delivery Pathway have a character limit. The field limits are shown once you click in the text box and will show the remaining character count as you input the information.

Note: the character limit will count letters, spaces, punctuation etc.



Specified Personnel

There are four (4) different roles that personnel can be listed as:

  • Applicant
  • Contract Supervisor
  • Contract Administrator
  • Team Member

The application requires the role of Applicant and Contract Supervisor to be filled in order for the application to be submitted. The individual that starts the application will be listed as the Applicant and will be auto filled as the Contract Supervisor; both of these roles are editable.

The Applicant is the only role that can submit the application and this role only exists in the application phase. If the application were to be evaluated as the preferred application, the Applicant role will end at contract execution.





To add additional contract personnel, click the “Create” button. A pop-window will appear for you to complete for each individual. Complete all fields, ensure that the personnel organisation information matches the person that you are entering.






If you plan to engage any subcontractors, these need to be listed with the legal entity and ABN.





To enter the proposed budget, this needs to be divided by financial year. The current financial year will automatically have a line created. To create additional financial years, select the Create button at the top right-hand side of the Budget table. Select the financial year and click save to create the record.




To enter the budget details, select the arrow at the end of the correct financial year and click edit.




A pop-up window will allow the applicant to input the budget by creating cost categories for that financial year.

The Cost Categories available to select are: Capital, Operating, Salaries, Travel and Capacity Building (student).

Ensure that all information regarding the proposed GRDC and non-GRDC funds are captured. Click save.





Risk Management is a mandatory field, click the Create button to add an identified risk to the pop-up window. Complete all mandatory fields, then click save.




Intellectual Property and Commercialisation

The three (3) free text boxes under Intellectual Property and Commercialisation are mandatory fields. The character count will be shown under each free text box.



Once all mandatory and relevant non-mandatory fields are completed, click Save and Next located at the bottom of the application.



The final page of the application enables you to upload any supporting documentation and confirm acknowledgments.

Note: Ensure that the authorised person within the applying organisation is accepting these acknowledgements.



A .pdf extract of the application will be able to be downloaded for your reference.




Once all mandatory fields have been completed and acknowledgements accepted, the authorised person within the applying organisation will be able to submit the application by clicking the Submit Application button at the bottom of the page.

If this button is greyed out (unable to be selected) that is because a mandatory field is not completed. Only the Save as Draft button will be able to be selected.



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